Since we established this department we relied on the best knitting machines from global market leader in the field of circular knitting machines such as, German Mayer and Japanese Fukuhara.These machines set the contemporary standard combined with innovation on a global level in terms of function and added value.
Production reliability, Maximum precision and an uncompromising innovative drive are the core strengths which have always distinguished our knitting department.

Performance, quality and tradition= competence
The yarn gets to the knitting department where there is a big variety of machines that produce fabrics of all types' open width and circular (tubular) form. The wide variety of diameters, types and gauge enables us to manufacture unlimited numbers of open and body size fabrics. All our machines have Lycra attachment equipment for best fabric stretch recovery.
A special team of textile engineers follow up the operations and check the quality of produced fabrics to guarantee best quality and compliance with the required quality.

Knitted fabric Performance Specifications:
To ensure that performance specification standards are maintained. All fabrics used in producing Esperanza's garments, must all be tested for quality andcompliance.
Fabric performance specification of Esperanza Is based on the test methods from the authorizing standards organizations such as ASTM, BS, ISO, EN, IEC and TAPPI .

Maximum Acceptable Change:
Fabric Weight (GSM): ±5 g

Fabric Content: 4 defects per25 kilo

Fabric inspection machine:
The main objective of fabric inspection is the detection of defects in the manufacturing process as early as possible.

This ensures that:
1) Time and money will not be wasted on correcting those defects.
2) Improves efficiency and timely deliveries.
3) Minimize the rejection of garments due to fabric faults.
Our Demas fabric inspection machine have been designed and produced in order to prevent all problems that may arise. It is a rolling machine for inspecting knitted fabrics without being stretched.

Air blast system to eliminate curls at fabric edges.
Machine stops automatically at the desired meter at the end of fabric piece.
Edge tracking photocell is available to ensure roll wrapping precision.
Defines separate calibration values for individual types of fabric (x99).
Inspection display is protected from daylight and illuminated with varied lamps.
Measures roll weight and prints barcode label by connecting to the printer (Optional).
Renders the tube fabric open width by running through cutting and expanding devices (Optional).
Each roll of fabric is checked for defects using our Demas Textile Machinery, before going to the dyeing departmentto guarantee best quality and compliance with the required quality .

Knit fabric types:






To cope with the rising modernization level and ever changing requirements of world fashion trend we have equipped our dyeing department with the world’s best dyeing and finishing machines. We strictly follow the international standards procedures/ client's requirement with integrity.

Esperanza Dyeing Machines:

Corino Italy
Santex group Switzerland
Has group Turkey
Data color Usa

All our machines are controlled by our Host system which ensures all processes are followed.
Our machines with both kinds (open and tubular), dyestuff and chemicals are processed with a full automation system.
Full computerized machines with high temperature to dye all kinds of synthetic fabrics including polyester and the blended.

Production capacity:

More than 20 tons are produced daily.




1200 KG




900 KG




750 KG




600 KG




450 KG




300 KG




150 KG




100 KG




50 KG




20 KG


Espernza dyestuff:
We are equipped with high quality of reactive and disperse dyes from authentic resources like OHYOUN and RUNTUCHEM companies.
Depending on the best types of chemical compounds and auxiliaries.
Using only AZO Free Dyes to meet the international quality standards.

DYSTAR Germany
Pulcra chemical Germany

Our dyeing technicians are especially trained to make sure that the desired results will be achieved including (the specific color, the chemical dyes, the required temperature and many other client's requirements).

Matching the color represents a great challenge of dyeing fabrics. Our product catalogue has 120 basic color and we are ready to develop new colors recipes according to the client's request.

Esperanza Oeko- Tex Certificate:
Oeko-tex is an international association for textile chemicals, colorants and auxiliaries. It is made up of 16 member institutes with representative offices in more than 60 countries all over the world. It is focused on enhancing both product safety and sustainable production in the textile industry, by providing assessments of sustainable manufacturing conditions and making sure that all materials are tested for harmful substances.
Textiles can only be certified if all components meet the specified requirements.

Esperanza Dyeing lab:

ESPERANZA has a testing laboratory equipped with the latest equipment to check the fabrics.
equipped with a color testing room where, the client’s matching color is analyzed. And both physical and chemical tests are carried out on the final product to ensure compliance with the international standards.
Color measurement with Data Color System provided by the best devices such as:
Data Color Spectrum 400:Designed for measuring color combination of sample. It depends on the reflected radiation of each color and it is provided by automated zoom lens for accurate measurements and results.

AHIBA IR: A device with fifteen beakers and up to 99 programs of 15 steps available to be stored. That's why it addresses a vast range of dyeing and testing requirements. It produces accurate lab dyeing sample as the client's expects. It works with high efficiency Infra-Red lamps and high air cooling system which reduces energy consumption and has Low environment effect.

Tru –Vue 4D: For inspection and color discrimination of fabric. It's very useful for comparing color standards to samples.

Titanox oven: An electric oven provided by a thermometer where its temperature up to 240° c .Designed for drying the samples after dyeing in AHIBA IR where the temperature is adjusted according to the fabric's quality and color.

Electronic Balances: Used for weighing dyestuff, other auxiliaries' materials for dyeing and also the samples needed to be dyed.
AD110 PH-TEMP: Electric device able to measure all the PH temperature from (0 – 14) which is suitable for all kinds of dyeing.

Finishing Fabrics:
Finishing is the last step of fabric manufacturing process which plays an important role in the final appearance of dyed fabrics. The fabrics undergo for quality check and making sure that they are free of defects.
Our experience in the field of fabric finishing is based on our ongoing focus on market needs and close cooperation between our team and our clients.
We are equipped with high technology Turkish machines that fulfill the client's requirements such as:
Double Drum Raising , Combing, Shearing and THERMOSETTING machine of lycra fixing process from MERSAN company.
Dyed and finished fabric performance specification standards of Esperanza is based on the test methods from the authorizing standards organizations such as ASTM, BS, ISO, EN, IEC and TAPPI.

Fabric Testing and Performance Specifications

Colorfastness to Laundering/Washing AATCC 61 Color Change: Minimum 4.0
Colorfastness to Dry Cleaning AATCC 132 Color Change: Minimum 4.0
Colorfastness to Crocking / Rubbing AATCC 8 Dry: Minimum 4.0 Wet: Minimum 3.0
Colorfastness to Water AATCC 107 Color Change: Minimum 4.0
Colorfastness to Light AATCC 16 Color Change: Minimum 4.0
Colorfastness to Perspiration AATCC 15 Color Change: Minimum 4.0
pH Value AATCC 81 6.5 ~ 7.5
Pilling Resistance ASTM D 3512 Minimum 4.0
Dimensional Stability to Laundering AATCC 135 After 3 washes Maximum: Length: -5 %, Width: -5% or less
Dimensional Stability to Dry Cleaning AATCC 158 One Time Only Maximum, Length: -3%, Width: -3%
Ultraviolet (UV) Protection AATCC 183 Minimum 40 UPF Rating

Test methods of performance specification could be applied or edited according to the client's specific requirements.

Our garment manufacturing department produces all types of cotton clothes that comply with the highest international quality standards of ready-made clothes.

Our manufacturing processes are as follows:
After receiving fabrics from dyed and finished department the fabric quality control department checks the fabric color based on the client's requirement, in addition to applying tests of color fastness and dimensional stability after washing.
A special team of experts follow up the operations of production and start preparing orders with the section of cutting pattern, to ensure that the required quality of product is achieved in terms of quality, measurement and quantities before spreading fabric for cutting.
Our coordination and follow up section receives the clipped fabric and checks their quantity and quality ensuring that they are free of any defects. Then, clipped fabric are sorted and distributed among the printing and/or embroidery section where the head of the section inspects the quality of the materials used for crocking (rubbing) resistance after being washed to maintain the highest international quality standards emphasized by Esperanza Company.
Fabrics are later integrated in the Sewing Department, where it is sewed according to the various seaming phases conforming to quality standards and chart sizes attached with the clients order.
Finishing and Final quality Control of garment is the last stage of garment production where garments get their final look and undergo for final quality check, making sure that they are free of any defects associated with:
-Quality and quantity of garments.
- Measurement.
-Conformity of design and color.

The laundering department receives the readymade clothes where they are ironed and sent to the packaging department to be packed and delivered to the Export Department to start the process of exportation and following up with shipping department.

Equipment Function Brand Name Purchased year Instance Repair/ In-store Periodical Maintenance Present Condition
Weekly/Daily Monthly Good Fair Qty
Overlock Siruba,, Pecasus, Kingtex 2010 41
Stitching Juki, Mitsubishi 2012 14
Flat Siruba 2012 8
External Elastic Brother 2012 8
Specialized Polar King Tex 2012 6
Specialized correlate Siruba 2013 2
Automatic Flat Siruba 2012 4
Several Tape Attach Siruba 2012 1
Zigzag Refrey & Perlina 2010 2
Chain Brother 2010 3
Tape Shoulder Attach Rimoldi 2012 3

Quality Control System:
Quality Control System is one of the most important aspects in Esperanza.

Esperanza (QCS) is practiced right from the initial stage of sourcing raw materials to the finished garment stage to ensure that the required products/ services are received as prescribed in an accurate time, cost, efficient manner, through the application of quite established systems and procedures.
All production phases are submitted to high strict quality control (QC) and Esperanza adjusts the standard operating procedures to be effectively and strictly applied.
Esperanza (QC) emphasizes products checking to find out defects and reporting them to the management that makes the decision to accept or reject the product release.
Quality Assurance (QA) improves and stabilizes the production processes to avoid issues that led to defects. (QA) emphasizes achieving user/users satisfaction throughout verifying that systems & components correspond to predetermined requirements.

Esperanza Quality Control System requirements are based on the principles of PDCA Cycle:
1. Comprehension and accepting the client's quality requirements.
2. Assuring appropriate flow of quality requirements to the QC Department and Production Department.
3. Inspection & measurements as per phase.
4. Record deviations.
5. Feeding back to the Production Department.
6. Setting plans for more improvement.

Esperanza QC Team:
Our team is well experienced and trained in accordance with (QCS):
Adjusting quality standards conformity to the client's requirements and guide them to each production process & department.
Setting SOPs for preparatory processes & production to obtain first time quality at each process.
Improve MIS for quality recording & measurements.
Monitor the product quality through the diverse production stages.
Training newly hired quality personnel in accordance with Esperanza quality polices and how to use quality tools such as check-lists, questionnaires, inspection procedures.

Quality Control Inspection Steps:

Pre-Production Inspection:
Auditing fabric to guarantee only quality merchandises are accepted.
Committing in sampling phase & product development and taking care of samples quality aspect.
Making sure that no defective fabric is sent for cutting. If minor defect is present, this must be reported to cutting department to avoid this defect.
Providing audit reports of fabric quality.
Performing pre- production meeting before the production stage.

During Production Inspection:
Implement in- line& end -of line inspection in sewing phase.
Implement pre- line audit.
Perform quality audits in manufacturing process to ensure the right quality of garments.

Final Inspection:
Analysis quality reports and set improvement plan.
Perform final inspection in finishing department.
Perform an audit of packed and assorted merchandises before shipment.

AQL Sampling plan for shipment inspection

Lot or Batch Size Sample Size Code Letter Sample Size Acceptable Quality Level
2.5 4.0 6.5 10
Ac Re Ac Re Ac Re Ac Re
2-8 A 2 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 2
9-15 B 3 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 2
16-25 C 5 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 2
26-50 D 8 0 1 1 2 1 2 2 3
51-90 E 13 1 2 1 2 2 3 3 4
91-150 F 20 1 2 2 3 3 4 5 6
151-280 G 32 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 8
281-500 H 50 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11
501-1200 J 80 5 6 7 8 10 11 14 15
1201-3200 K 125 7 8 10 11 14 15 21 22
3201-10000 L 200 10 11 14 15 21 22 21 22
10001-35000 M 315 14 15 21 22 21 22 21 22

   Critical Defects   Major Defects   Minor Defects

External Quality Inspection Available

SGS for quality and quantity.


Sampling is our product development stage and the first attempt at having your design turned into a physical garment. It is the process by which a sample piece of product is made for the client to match his specification and get his approval before starting off the production. The product sample represents the accuracy and quality of our production.

Track your order

Because your satisfaction is our top priority, Esperanza has added this feature aiming to fulfill our client needs by improving our communication process and increasing efficiency. Clients can use this feature to track all below:
1) Bank transfers related to their order.
2) Manufacturing processes of product.
3) Packaging
4) Shipping and container booking
5) anyone can make a complaint or observation during the early stages above

Our Skills

Men clothes (T-shirt ,polo shirt ,sweat shirt ,polar fleece jacket, hoodie, shorts, TRACK SUITS, Pyjamas, trouser, Uniform)

Women clothes(T-shirt ,polo shirt ,sweat shirt ,polar fleece jacket, hoodie, shorts, TRACK SUITS, Pyjamas, trouser, Uniform ,Ladies Tops)

Kids: T-shirt, polo shirt, sweat shirt, polar fleece jacket, hoodie, shorts, TRACK SUITS, Pyjamas, trouser, Uniform

Babies: Infant bodysuit

Under wear: Boxer shorts & Briefs, Undershirt

Materials used

Cotton 100% (from Ne 12/1 to Ne 60/1) combed and compact ring spun (with or without spandex)

Cotton /polyester (from Ne 12/1 to Ne 40/1) ring spun (with or without spandex)

Cotton/viscose (from Ne 12/1 to Ne 40/1) ring spun (with or without spandex)

Mélange (from Ne20/1 to Ne 40/1) ring spun (with or without spandex)

Viscose 100% :( from Ne 24/1 to Ne 40/1) ring spun (with or without spandex)

Viscose polyester :( Ne 30/1) ring spun (with or without spandex)

Modal 100 %( Ne 30/1) ring spun (with or without spandex)

Polyester 100% ring spun, FDY, DTY (with or without spandex)

Short manufacturing lead-time

One of Esperanza's core strengths lies in short lead-time of bespoke manufacture according to client’s orders and specifications. In addition to, offering high quality products, fast delivery and overall attention to details.
We are characterized by our high speed in producing orders.

15 days manufacture
11 days delivery
Pantone color matching
Label manufacture & insertion
100000 capacity per week
Availability of Superior fabrics
Shipping by air to Europe is available & cheap
Door to door delivery within maximum 10 days by truck to any European country.

Social responsibility

We all have a right to a safe and healthy work environment, a living wage, a legally binding contract. We all have a right to be free from discrimination and harassment, to join - or not to join - a labour union, to choose our work freely. We all have a right to fair and reasonable working hours. And our children have a right to go to school.

Esperanza Clothing Co. has adopted a robust policy with regard to the following minimum social responsibility criteria:

No use of child labour
No use of forced labour
Safe and healthy working conditions
Legal labour contracts
Payment of living wage
Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
No discrimination against employees
No excessive hours of work

Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum production of Esperanza factory is 2000 pieces per style, size and color, when using core fabrics, or 2000 kg if the fabric is dyed. For fabrics that have to be developed and knitted to order the quantities might be higher


We can manufacture printed or woven labels from artworks provided, and insert during production into the garments in a position of your choice.

Custom colors

For custom colors, Pantone® Matching System reference or a color swatch should be provided. Lab-dips are free but delivery from the factory is charged at cost. Turnaround is 4-6 days. A minimum dye lot is 200 kg for core plain fabrics. This represents around 700 women's T-shirts in size M or 600 men's T-shirts in size L

Printing suitability

All our products are designed and manufactured to provide garment decorating, which are suitable for all screen-printing techniques and all ink types, including discharge printing.
Because of the high quality surface finish, our garments perform particularly well with digital direct-to-garment (DTG) printing.
We strongly urge the use of ink types and printing processes with a low environmental impact, without phthalates or aromatic solvents, non-PVC, water-based, compliant with environmental and organic standards

Yarns and fabrics

The quality of our yarns and fabrics is the foundation to delivering the highest quality garments. All the fabrics are knitted at our in-house facilities, and dyed with GOTS approved chemicals, using low-water and controlled waste discharge processes, certified to Oeko Tex 100 Class I standard.

In order to get started, here is a list of what you need to proceed in working with us:

1) Detailed specification sheet with measurements and supporting images
2) Samples - If you don't have specification sheets but have physical samples, we can work from them. This will also speed up the pattern making process.
3) Types of fabrics and materials - Be as specific as possible.
4) Screen or digital printed patterns/designs - These files will need to be provided in PDF, JPEG, AI or PNG format set to scale for repeat printing.

Delivery /logistics

We check our production from our customer’s viewpoints.
Because we believe in the value of time and that the success of any work is achieved only by precision monitoring and control. For this reason we had to establish a separate department for transportation and logistics to deal with all freight related operations.
We performed a comprehensive study about all the fundamentals of importing and exporting, regulations of other countries, methods of shipping and all the documents related to foreign trade.
The working team of this department deals with the most superior companies.
Air freight: we offer the best air freight services to our customers from Cairo International Airport to worldwide airports, including door to door delivery.
Knowing that the large number of employees in this department facilitate the process of giving full attention to each and every single client and following up with them consistently
Sea Freight: When you are working with Esperanza’s logistic department you have to guarantee sailing without any problems, despite of all the complexities of international regulations.
Land Freight: Our Company is located in the middle and heart of the Egyptian highways which allowed our team the possibility of delivering goods to neighboring countries within 48 hours by truck or train

Additional services

Screen printing/Digital printing/sublimation printing at source - 'panel printing' before garment assembly is a particular specialty but all types of screen printing techniques are available.
Embroidery – we offer a state of the art embroidery service using an 18-head embroidery machines.
Swing tagging - including the production/printing and insertion of hangtags.
Bagging and barcode labeling - including printing on polybags and production of barcodes


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