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Esperanza is an Italian word meaning hope. It is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of knitted garments with wide range of products.

Our Geographical location in Egypt enables us to transport client order via sea within maximum 10 days for any European port. We are located in the Industrial zone of El Obour City, Cairo, which is 6 KM away from the Cairo international airport.

In Esperanza Egypt S.A.E we have Knitting fabric, Dyeing, Sewing, Preparation, Printing and Embroidery factory "all under one Roof"

All manufacturing processes of garment are performed in house to ensure everything is under control and reduce the possibility of error occurrence in the production process.

We have the ability to provide bespoke products according to our client's specifications and our quality department strictly ensures compliance with those specifications before providing clients with their product samples.

All our fabrics are made by the best quality of Egyptian cotton which is the world's finest cotton, organic and imported yarns from the best international suppliers in the world.

We always maintain a huge variety of yarns in our stock to guarantee fast handling and best quality.

15 Years of success and innovation:
From our original base in Syria, in over 15 years specializing in textile industry, we were always precise to keep our industry up to date with the latest improvements and development in the international textile industries.

We are equipped with a huge variety of best European and Japanese machines that produce different types of fabrics in all sectors of production to gain our clients satisfaction and fulfill the market needs of all types of fabrics.

This technology is also, combined with highly skilled technicians to ensure the production of fabric is of the highest level of quality and provide on time deliveries to our customers.

Esperanza has exported to more than 30 countries around the world such as: England, France, Spain, Germany…etc.

Our Capacity:
More than 20 tons of dyed and prepared fabrics are produced daily and more than 5000 pieces of products are ready to export.

Company History

Esperanza for Ready Clothes is an Egyptian Shareholding Company established according to the Investment Law no. 8 of 1997. It was originated as a Syrian textile Industry in Aleppo, Syria in 1982.
Due to the destruction of Syrian cities and industries in 2011 Esperanza has transferred its expertise and calibers to Egypt. There, where it will continue the ancestors approach.

Textile industry was known in the ancient Syrian civilizations in Mari and Ebla, as well as in Aleppo. It was inherited from one generation to another until Syria and especially Aleppo became one of the most prominent cities in the world of Textile Industry. Children followed their ancestors and developed the Damask, Brocade, Aghabani, etc. These Syrian textiles are still popular despite of the international manufacturer’s competition.

There is still strong demand for these textiles from foreigners, especially tourists. It is enough to know that one of the Queen Elizabeth’s dresses was made from Syrian Brocade.

Esperanza won the respect and deserved trust of the people they deal with in the international market due to our quality, durability and transparency.

From our new location in Egypt we have started producing and exporting to all European markets such as: France, Germany, Belgium, England, Dubai and Gulf countries.


Mr : Kiriakos Mavroudis

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Chairman : Mohanad Zahed Istanboli
I do realize that achieving the strategies of Esperanza Company for Ready Clothes depends on how close we are to our customers. It also depends on our efforts to build a strong reputation for cooperation in the field of innovation, which is “fundamental” for finding new solutions for problems or difficulties that our customers face. In this occasion I would like to thank Espernaza for Ready Clothing staff, who, during the past years, proved that innovation efforts, together with hard work, can achieve great developments that meet the aspired objectives of our company. At Esperanza we deeply believe in our individual abilities to face challenges, and we are certain that these special qualities will lead us to fulfill our long term objects. I would also like to take this chance to express my sincere gratitude to the Egyptian government for the true care and guidance.

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